Saturday, April 25, 2009

my top 15!

well i would like to first start out by thanking grace for this idea haha. i've only done like 3 post and im kinda all ready out of ideas. so if anyone has any suggestions on what i should blog about, feel free to comment and tell me. so one.
1. my family! my family consists of my dad, Paul, my mom, Yvonne, Me (18), my brother Alex (16 almost 17), and my sister, Abby (14 almost-ish 15). and then of course, it would be a crime to forget the pets. Maggie, my short haired border collie who is about 7, and my cat Misty, who is part tabby and part calico, also short haired, and who is about 8. we love them at my house. they really are part of the family. we've had them for so long, that it wouldn't be home without them. despite the fact that most of my friends either get rashes from the cat, or are terrified by the dog.
2. my friends! it would truly be impossible for me to live without them. physically and emotionally. like, death would come upon me haha. well thats a little dramatic, but i love them with all my heart. and the best part is there are too many to name!!!!!!! but you know who you are. all of you. my love goes out to you!
3. David Archuleta. i joke to my family that he is my future husband, and sometimes i only answer to Mrs. Archuleta. its totally a joke though! if you read this David, (ha i wish!), please dont take out a restraining order! but i do love you!

4. tornadoes! now, the people who have been my friends the longest, like Alex Lewis, know that i love them. it is my goal and dream to one day chase one. Ah! they're just so fasinating!

i mean, come on! how could you not want to risk death by chasing these things!!!?!?!?!
5. wow we're only on 5. anyways. the mountains. i am of the opinion that you can't not love them. granted, because of them we dont get tornadoes here, but i can sacrifice some things. the wasatch mountains are really the best.

6. even better the looking at the mountains are being IN the mountians.

7. traveling utah. granted, there are many places to go other then utah. like Oklahoma, where they have tornadoes, or europe. but does europe have Zions National Park? or Bryce Canyon? no, i think not.

8. guys. yes, guys are in my top fav. just cause they're guys, and our species would die out without them. but many of them are fun to look at and talk about. and date. i love guys!!!!!!
9. Orlando Bloom and William Moseley. O. M. G. i LOVE them! i so wanted to be Keira Knightly's character on Pirates, just cause at the end, they have this whole "giving-orlando-the-boot" thing and then when he comes back, she has a son. Orlando can borrow my boots any day!!!! although, i wear size 6 in womens. so maybe if i could borrow his and then he can "take" them back. hahaha. and as for William Moseley, i plan to marry Peter Pevensie, and Bree is going to marry Prince Caspian. this is just the way it is. they are so magically delicious that it really isn't Narnia without them.

10. music. my ipod is so amazing. i would rather have it over my phone, which is saying a lot, cause i am addicted to texting. but i wouldn't give up my ipod unless you threatened my future marriage to David Archuleta. then i'd be like, "well, this is kinda ironic, cuase i mostly listen to David Archuleta on my ipod anyways," but then i'd be like, "well, when i marry David, then he can sing to me anytime i want," so i guess that would work out.
11. the Numa Numa Song. i know this is in Romanian, but i could still sing it to you. you wouldn't want me too, but i know the words. i dont know what it means, but its amazing! i have listened to it at least 257 times on my ipod, and i've only had it on there for a month!
12. butterflies. is it just me, or are they amazing? yeah, thats what i thought.
13. Harry Potter. this is the best series of books ever. way, way, WAY better then Twilight. i just love it! wow. i dont have a lot to say about it, other then the fact that its amazing. and that the 6th movie is soooo long over due, its not even funny.

14. history. i love history. i hope to major in it when i go to college, and i think im well on my way, since 3 of my 6 classes next year are history classes. history is just the best!
15. the ocean. i have only been to the ocean about 2 or 3 times, and it was the Pacific Ocean all of those times. but i absolutely love it. if there isn't anyone around, its just so peaceful. like, omgosh, its just beautiful, and peaceful and romantic. i wanna go on my honeymoon with David Archuleta there.

16. the redwood forrest. wow. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, its just so big! its unimaginable! i love it there. its just pretty much indescribable.


  1. I agree on a lot of those things. Redwoods: want to see them. Ocean and mountains: Love them, gorgeous! Guys: they're alright... ah I love them too.

  2. if you want ideas for what to post, just think of your blog as kind of like a facebook status only you elaborate and tell stories. seriously, just tell about your day or something. if you work on it, you can find ways to make it really interesting and funny.

  3. Kate! I love you and your love of chasing tornadoes! :]