Saturday, April 25, 2009

my top 15!

well i would like to first start out by thanking grace for this idea haha. i've only done like 3 post and im kinda all ready out of ideas. so if anyone has any suggestions on what i should blog about, feel free to comment and tell me. so one.
1. my family! my family consists of my dad, Paul, my mom, Yvonne, Me (18), my brother Alex (16 almost 17), and my sister, Abby (14 almost-ish 15). and then of course, it would be a crime to forget the pets. Maggie, my short haired border collie who is about 7, and my cat Misty, who is part tabby and part calico, also short haired, and who is about 8. we love them at my house. they really are part of the family. we've had them for so long, that it wouldn't be home without them. despite the fact that most of my friends either get rashes from the cat, or are terrified by the dog.
2. my friends! it would truly be impossible for me to live without them. physically and emotionally. like, death would come upon me haha. well thats a little dramatic, but i love them with all my heart. and the best part is there are too many to name!!!!!!! but you know who you are. all of you. my love goes out to you!
3. David Archuleta. i joke to my family that he is my future husband, and sometimes i only answer to Mrs. Archuleta. its totally a joke though! if you read this David, (ha i wish!), please dont take out a restraining order! but i do love you!

4. tornadoes! now, the people who have been my friends the longest, like Alex Lewis, know that i love them. it is my goal and dream to one day chase one. Ah! they're just so fasinating!

i mean, come on! how could you not want to risk death by chasing these things!!!?!?!?!
5. wow we're only on 5. anyways. the mountains. i am of the opinion that you can't not love them. granted, because of them we dont get tornadoes here, but i can sacrifice some things. the wasatch mountains are really the best.

6. even better the looking at the mountains are being IN the mountians.

7. traveling utah. granted, there are many places to go other then utah. like Oklahoma, where they have tornadoes, or europe. but does europe have Zions National Park? or Bryce Canyon? no, i think not.

8. guys. yes, guys are in my top fav. just cause they're guys, and our species would die out without them. but many of them are fun to look at and talk about. and date. i love guys!!!!!!
9. Orlando Bloom and William Moseley. O. M. G. i LOVE them! i so wanted to be Keira Knightly's character on Pirates, just cause at the end, they have this whole "giving-orlando-the-boot" thing and then when he comes back, she has a son. Orlando can borrow my boots any day!!!! although, i wear size 6 in womens. so maybe if i could borrow his and then he can "take" them back. hahaha. and as for William Moseley, i plan to marry Peter Pevensie, and Bree is going to marry Prince Caspian. this is just the way it is. they are so magically delicious that it really isn't Narnia without them.

10. music. my ipod is so amazing. i would rather have it over my phone, which is saying a lot, cause i am addicted to texting. but i wouldn't give up my ipod unless you threatened my future marriage to David Archuleta. then i'd be like, "well, this is kinda ironic, cuase i mostly listen to David Archuleta on my ipod anyways," but then i'd be like, "well, when i marry David, then he can sing to me anytime i want," so i guess that would work out.
11. the Numa Numa Song. i know this is in Romanian, but i could still sing it to you. you wouldn't want me too, but i know the words. i dont know what it means, but its amazing! i have listened to it at least 257 times on my ipod, and i've only had it on there for a month!
12. butterflies. is it just me, or are they amazing? yeah, thats what i thought.
13. Harry Potter. this is the best series of books ever. way, way, WAY better then Twilight. i just love it! wow. i dont have a lot to say about it, other then the fact that its amazing. and that the 6th movie is soooo long over due, its not even funny.

14. history. i love history. i hope to major in it when i go to college, and i think im well on my way, since 3 of my 6 classes next year are history classes. history is just the best!
15. the ocean. i have only been to the ocean about 2 or 3 times, and it was the Pacific Ocean all of those times. but i absolutely love it. if there isn't anyone around, its just so peaceful. like, omgosh, its just beautiful, and peaceful and romantic. i wanna go on my honeymoon with David Archuleta there.

16. the redwood forrest. wow. wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, its just so big! its unimaginable! i love it there. its just pretty much indescribable.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

IMDB's top 250 movies.

so for my first official blog, i decided to blog about something that is very important to me. Movies. Now, i dont watch anywhere near the 4 hours of tv a night that the average American watches, but i most assuredly cannot live without the occasional movie.
So i decided that i would make a list of my top faves and talk about them. whether this is interesting to you isn't really any of my business. However, i hope if you do continue to read, that i dont bore you to tears.
So, while starting out on this daunting task, i sat and though to myself......movies, favorite movies. And then I drew a blank. Its disappointing, i know. so i checked out IMDB, which is literally the godsend to those of us who can't remember what other movies that one guy from that one movie was in. And then they gave me a list of 250 MOVIES!!!! who knows 250 movies unless you have, like, and obsessive personality?! i mean seriously! so i wasted my life by going through and reading them. Not about them by any means, just scanning the list. And i found that out of the top 250, i had heard of 112, less then half. Of those 112, i had seen 46.
Among these were a few Disney movies, such as Toy Story, the Lion King, and my all time fave, Finding Nemo. Also listed was my favorite move Princess Bride, and a few amazing ones, such as Some Like It Hot. However, not listed was the all-time incredible Newsies. What were these people thingking?! i ask you! how could you include a movie such as the Maltese Falcon onto such a list, but leave off the Newsies?! This is an outrage. However, seeing as my hunger for something tasty is far stronger then my current outrage, i will skip the email i was going to send the creators of IMDB calmly explaining why they are obviously morons, and go make myself some Top Ramen instead.
Now, i know im going off on a tangent here, but before you think i'm a pathetic loser for loving ramen, consider the fact that i am not allowed to use the microwave when i am home alone. JK!!! I totally am allowed to use it, just not the stove or oven. So anyways...where was i? oh yes, oh nope wait that wasnt it. i believe is was the topic of the incredible Newsies.
In case you haven't seen the Newsies, it stars Christian Bale, back when he was a young teenage lad with the body of a greek god. Now, his body is that of an actual god. But that is a story for another day.
However, by far the best movies on the list were (in no particular order): Finding Nemo, Princess Bride, Doctor Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, Bun-Hur, Forrest Gump (even though i'm slightly opposed to Tom Hanks, as he likes to make anti-mormon comments from time to time), Saving Private Ryan (another Tom Hanks. also, yes i do know that this is a rated R movie. however, i am sometimes of the opinion that you miss out on some culture if you dont branch out a little. also, it is a commonly known fact that some PG-13 movies are far worse then some R ones. it all about knowing what you can handle for the most part. however, this movie does deserve the R rating and i had nightmares about it for weeks. YIKES!), Some Like It Hot (what a great comedy!) and Monty Python and the Holy Grail (which when you think about it is a totally pointless stupid movie that really has no value at all. however, the british have a great sense of humor, even if it is at times inappropriate and sexually motivated).
And on that happy note i bring you the worst ones from the list: WALLE, Alien (while i have never seen this all the way through, it was stupid and pointless, like Lost In Space. not the same, but equally horrible), the Maltese Falcon (I am a HUGE fan of Humphrey Bogart and his oddly satisfying name, however, this independent movie from the 40's? was a dump. I can only imagine that it made the list because of H. Bogart), the Kill Bill's (im sorry but what the heck?), and i dont really hate this one, but the ending was stupid.....Planet of the Apes (whats up with it? i might just be slow, and thats probably the case, but would someone please explain the ending to me?????).
Looking back at the original list, i see many that i like that i didnt list, but i think i speak for all of us when i say, "please end this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
chow for now!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Me!!!!!!!! Welcome to my thoughts.

Hey! Welcome to my thoughts! They're normally about me. haha jk, not really. They're actually mostly about David Archuleta and Snow College, my future alma mater. My name is Kate Miller, short for Katelyn Miller. Most of my friends actually call me Kate Miller, including the last name, so it only seems correct to introduce myself that way.
The reason i started a blog is because my friend Grace said i should. The reason she started a blog is because her friend Bryce said she should. And im thinking someone said Bryce should, but dont quote me on that. so basically, thank you Bryce, for the somewhat indirect encouragement to start a blog. I hope I do not disappoint you.
So anyways, about me. I am 18 years old, I live in South Jordan, Utah, and I'm a senior at Bingham High School. Go Miners!!! lol actually i dont really care. I have recieved a $4,000 scholarship to Snow College in Ephraim, Utah, so basically, that is where I am going to be going. After that, who knows? Snow is only a two year college. Maybe, the U of U, BYU, or BYU-ID. Hey, if Harvard or Princeton wants me, I may consider them too.
I am the oldest of 3 children. yes 3 kids is kinda small for Utah, but hey, its all good. I have a younger brother, who is 14 months younger then me. He is a junior at Bingham. then i have a younger sister, who is in 8th grade at South Jordan Middle School. She is amazing. sadly enough, though, both are taller then me.
facts about me/favorites:
color: blue and yellow
food: pork salad with pinto beans from Café Rio. also, pickled beets
disney movie: Finding Nemo
favorite movie in general: Princess Bride, Newsies
jewelry: earings, especially sliver and diamon. obviously fake....
religion: Mormon, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
favorite kind of toothpaste: mint whitening
also, possibly more to come.
anyways. so i'll probably be writing a lot more. or blogging a lot more. Grace was right, blog is a weird word.